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Polaroid Large Format Film

Stocking up on fresh Polaroid film for your instant 8x10? Live large with 8x10 film for large format Polaroid instant cameras. Hone your craft or delve into 8x10 film photography for large format photos at high resolution and captured with your Polaroid 8x10 vintage camera. Analog all over, 8x10 film photography demands more time and technique than regular instant photos. Each 8x10 film photo is handmade by us and hand-processed by you, making Polaroid 8x10 film photography an artful labour of love. And plan to spend a little longer with every exposure, 15-20 minutes to develop your frame. The pay off? Texture, grain, detail like no other; perfect for portraits – and your next exhibition space. Dream bigger and bigger still, with Polaroid 8x10 black and white film. With 10 Polaroid photo frames in every film pack, that’s 10 frames to discover your love for this photographer’s format film. For best results from your 8x10 film exposures, store your film supply in the refrigerator and bring this back to room temperature an hour before use. You’re a pro so you probably know, but this specialty large format film requires its own processor and film holder. Worth it.