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600 Film

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Polaroid 600 Cameras

Discover pop culture in a camera with the all-time favorite Polaroid 600 series. Go back to where it all began with the original point-and-shoot vintage Polaroid 600 cameras that brought instant photography to the masses. These boxy pop-up cameras defined an era in photography and are just as relevant today, available as fully refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 camera models from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. Want get closer? Make the Polaroid OneStep Close Up your first step into analog instant photography. Featuring a foldaway flash and close-up lens, good for shots as close as two feet (60cm) to your subject. Get the Polaroid 600 series OneStep Close Up as a Starter Set with three packs of Polaroid instant film, or in the go-anywhere Travel Set together with film and a branded camera bag. Flashback to the decade of cool with the colorful Polaroid 600 series Cool Cam. A strictly limited edition Polaroid Sun 600 instant camera, the Cool Cam shoots straight through the heart of the ‘80s with its contrasting color clash exterior and distinctive square design. Want a more heavy-duty vintage Polaroid 600 camera? The limited edition Polaroid 600 series Job Pro makes light work of days behind the lens. Originally made to document construction sites, its durable design and ‘safety yellow’ shell make the Job Pro a Polaroid 600 camera that still stands in a crowd. Shop these and more refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 cameras and matching 600 instant film now on